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FREE Terrazzo Digital Papers

Neutral and charming? Modern terrazzo designs with fresh color palettes can totally be that!

I created these fun paper patterns, (a trendy update on a traditional style) and now I'm passing them on to you!

But what even is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is traditionally a floor or wall treatment. It's a composite material typically made of chips of marble, granite, or glass, poured into cement. Once the cement cures, it is then smoothed and polished, revealing a unique, patterned surface that's kinda like...evenly distributed confetti that just stays on the ground 🤷‍♀️.

And that exciting, confetti-like appeal is why I think it's become more trendy over the past few years. Modern terrazzo designs incorporate bolder color palettes that add character, but still remain kinda neutral. Awesome!

The files you get with the free download are just a sample of what you'll receive when you purchase my Terrazzo -Cool Tones- Papers Pack on Etsy. Check 'em out below! ☟

They're all high resolution, seamless, and come in an array of cool-tone palettes.


But I like to let you try before ya buy!

So go ahead and grab your freebies by clicking the button below! With this download, I'm giving you 4 of my favorite color schemes.

Please remember, my free downloads are for personal projects only. If you wish to use these graphics for commercial use, simply click the purchase button to view the Etsy listing. This clip art set comes with a Standard Commercial License, that's suitable for most small business needs.

Wishing you many happy creations!

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